Award Winning Shari Royle is an Inspirational & Motivational speaker with a real difference. Her fresh approach has earned her many plaudits from educational, public sector and commercial leaders. Shari’s unique combination of humility, sense of humour and a truly amazing story of tragedy, loss, determination and perseverance allows her to engage with any group and help them face the challenges in front of them in a totally positive way.

If you are looking for someone to inject energy & positivity into any group then Shari is the solution. Shari is often referred to as a force of nature, she is warm, infectious and believes there are no boundaries to success that cannot be overcome and that life is full of opportunities. Her talks are always thought provoking and always delivered with emotion and humour!

Shari, a former Cheshire Woman of The Year is ambassador for & involved with with a number of charities including Facing The World and The British Association of Skin Camouflage.
Shari had the whole world at her feet, and was on her way to a successful career in advertising when one August Bank holiday a twist of fate changed her life forever.
At the age of 20 when we are all finding our feet in the
world, Shari was involved in a horrific car crash that totally destroyed the right hand side of her face, crushed her spine and damaged her brain. Her injuries were so severe she flat lined and was read the last rites. Her incredible spirit and determination pulled her through the initial accident and despite the incredible trauma to her body both physically and mentally, she started her long fight to regain her life.
Shari still lives with many losses, sight, sense of smell and taste to name a few however this has not held her back in any way.
Shari speaks at a many events be they large or small, she knows instinctively how to get the best out of any audience, as she often puts it “I do not tell people HOW to find themselves, I am purely that person who switches the light on inside them for them to discover themselves”.