Growing Old Gracefully or Ageing Anxiously?

Are you growing old gracefully or ageing anxiously now there is a question…. when you are young as teenagers you often strived to be more mature and wanted to be older than you appeared desperate to gain access to nightclubs and bars and be an adult before your time. We often can’t wait to get our drivers licence and become independent, get our own house, get married, have a family etc. Once we get there we seem to do an 180 degree turn and want to go back to our youth, remembering all those good times when our bodies were tight and toned, our skin was silky smooth and even with no marks or age spots, we were minus the wrinkles, crows feet around the eyes, which some much prefer to call laughter lines and we had incredible amounts of energy!

Well… news flash … growing old is just part of life, it is part of one’s journey on earth, just like all the lessons and sometimes challenges that are thrown in front of us too. There are some situations and cards that are dealt us in life such as serious illness that we have no control over, however our mental attitude in life can seriously affect how young one actually feels.

If you are filling your body with the right ‘fuel’ and drinking enough water to hydrate you as well as taking a healthy amount of exercise where possible and doing things that make you happy then these are all a great recipe for a long and healthy, happy life. When some people hit 50, as was reported recently in The Daily Telegraph, they can start to realise that they are potentially half way through their life, worrying about their mortality and realising that their bodies may begin to fail and the once well oiled machine may fail and let them down. Well if this is the case then all you can do are the things that you know will help you to sustain that machine also known as the human body… be mindful of your alcohol intake (a few glasses of wine or your favourite tipple is probably acceptable!) avoid smoking, eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink water and take some exercise. And one of the best medicines as you grow older in my opinion is LAUGHTER … laughter and time spent with good friends can relieve stress and release endorphins and make you feel on top of the world!

Learn to be grateful for what you have. Forget the cosmetic surgery, the liposuction, the faddy diets and the worry of growing old, embrace it for what it is and love the skin your are in, look after it, take care of it and treat it with the respect it deserves…. most of all don’t forget to LAUGH at least once a day, for without laughter each day it is a day wasted!

Yoko One

What Makes a Really Great Speaker

What makes a really great speaker? Now there is question! Is it all down to personal preference?

In my humble opinion a great speaker is someone who is authentic, honest, truly passionate about the subject matter they are talking about, able to engage with their audience and also for them to have a sense of humour. Not much to ask for really however it doesn’t come naturally to some people. To be a great public speaker one has to be naturally confident, you could say comfortable in one’s own skin, totally accepting of who THEY are. Not loud or brash, not cocky or over confident as this will turn the audience off, but easy to listen to and more importantly someone who engages, someone who gets the audience involved so they are not actually talking AT the audience but talking to them, with them even so they feel part of it.

Eye contact is so important when a speaker is on stage engaging with their audience, injecting that little bit of light hearted humour in amongst a hard hitting story goes down tremendously well too. Leaving the audience with some thought provoking messages that will stay with them long after the speaker has left the stage. It is all about the impact that the speaker has that counts, the connection they have with people….

SO what makes a really great speaker in your eyes?


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