Chief Executive,Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
“Shari ended our conference as the motivational speaker and was very different from the traditional ; she spoke from the heart in a way that was engaging and thought provoking , far from telling us what to do, her story lead us to work out for ourselves the art of the possible with the right mind-set. The audience listened transfixed , many moved to tears and left with a much more positive attitude to overcoming personal and professional challenges . I will carry those messages with me for a very long time”
Chief Operating Office DWP
“Shari co-presented and spoke at an event I attended that was held at Manchester United Football Club Celebrating the European Year of Disabled People, she is a motivational and inspirational speaker with a real difference. Her talks are emotionally charged, professional and she manages to engage each person in the room. Despite having suffered many personal challenges both physically and mentally, Shari continues to motivate and inspire so many who are left with a real ‘can do’ attitude purely by listening to her, her story has inspired so many people”
Chairman, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
“I have been in the audience for a few of Shari’s Inspirational talks over the years, in my capacity as a Board member at The Christie and also as Deputy Chairman of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. Shari speaks with great passion and humility and her talks resonate with so many. She manages to not only inspire but motivate and leave people with a real ‘can do’ attitude and belief that life really has no boundaries in terms of what people can achieve. I would highly recommend Shari as an inspirational and highly motivational speaker that injects huge positivity into her audiences”
Wade Deacon High School, Lancashire
“Shari gave a very engaging and thought provoking presentation at Wade Deacon High School that inspired all of our pupils. Our pupils loved her positive outlook on life and practical advice and we very much look forward to her return next year”
Lead Clinician at the Craniofacial Unit, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
“As one of the surgeons who has had the privilege of operating on Shari, I can vouch for her inspirational, motivating and strength of character. Anyone who has had to cope with the after effects of a serious injury knows that it is a Herculean task in itself. However, to pick yourself up, run a successful business and still have so much time to try and help so many others who have suffered tragedy, loss and disability takes a very special type of person. Shari embodies that person. In all the time that I have known her, and despite several painful and unpleasant procedures, I have never seen her without a smile on her face. For many years now Shari has helped to support my own charity, and is now Ambassador for Facing The World, as well as many others, and her dedication, persistence and hard work are exactly what focus us all to do what we do”
“Shari was part of our speaker’s corner at the award-winning North West Women’s Enterprise Day. Delegates who attended came away both humbled and inspired, recognising that whatever adversities they face in life or business they can access their inner resilience and find a positive way forward”
Director of Human Resources, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
“Speaking at our annual celebration lunch Shari inspired our staff to look beyond the adverse events that enter our lives. Whether it is ill health, redundancy, a sick or misbehaving child, or overwhelming debts. In Shari’s case it was a horrendous car crash that changed her life forever but she proved that even in your darkest hour life still goes on and there are no boundaries to what you can achieve”